“Decentralised Energy Networks offer a cost-effective, reliable and immediate solution to decarbonise heating and a pathway to net-zero”.

The success of a Local Energy Network is enhanced by the diversity of its off-takers.

The OPEN effectively overlays each of its off-takers different energy consumption requirements (both daily and seasonally) to create a much smoother and more manageable composite demand profile for the whole network. In this respect the OPEN contains an almost ideal blend and range of consumers; covering public sector bodies, commercial organisations and bulk residential consumers, which will all benefit from cheaper, decarbonised, more sustainable and efficient power, heating, hot water and cooling.

The OPEN will incorporate Sophisticated Network Management Systems to deliver maximum value to its Off-takers.

New “smart” technologies and control systems will be employed to optimise deployment of the technologies contained within the energy centre and switch between fuel inputs to maximise efficiency, reduce energy consumption and net carbon emissions.

The composite daily demand cycle will over time be learnt and predictable, enabling the software to intelligently forward plan and purchase low carbon and cheap grid power to either run its ASHP’s or use to electrolytically deconstruct water molecules, to produce hydrogen, which will be stored on-site to deploy as an CHP input fuel when the cost of imported power is high and the associated carbon emissions are greater.

The OPEN control systems will interface and monitor all our stakeholders contrasting energy demand profiles, to improve asset management, create better economies of scale and reduce energy consumption, to achieve the best combined use of all energy resources.

Smart optimisation software will be employed and the energy centre, to select the best generation technologies, (installed within) along with the raw fuel input throughout any day. Balancing energy supply and demand, integrating local and grid generation, and balancing output, using integrated thermal and battery storage technologies, to yet further improve energy efficiency.

The OPEN provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to collaborate in order to decarbonise heat, reduce energy consumption and control energy costs, by creating economies of scale, to achieve the best combined use of all energy resources and better outcomes for its off-takers.

The OPEN will Incorporate remote monitoring of each individual off-taker’s consumption, by interfacing with each of their local building management systems. This enables the network not only to monitor each off-takers usage but also to automatically detect any efficiency issues; enabling the network to intelligently respond, to balance and demand match the heat and power requirements of each off-taker.